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  • Must be a Graphic Design, UI/UX Design, Animation or Marketing major 

  • Must submit their Application by July 31, 2019: instructions below.

  • Must be either a currently enrolled student OR a recent graduate from less than 12 months.  

  • Must be available during the Spring 2020 term




  1. Submit your application by July 31, 2019: instructions below on how to apply

  2. ArtBound Initiative will select 10 finalists 

  3. McCann & TBWA\ will make their selection

  4. Get awarded the internship, the US$1500 scholarship and spend your summer in Hong Kong interning for the best ad agencies worldwide!


Can I get more info on TBWA & McCANN? 

TBWA & McCANN are two advertising agencies, who are both listed in the top 10 agencies worldwide. They both have offices in all the major cities in the world. Those agencies are extremely competitive and difficult to access. Getting an internship there will be a game changer for your career. Read more about TBWA at and McCANN at

What type of internship will it be? 

The internship will be tailored based on your major. The contest is opened to majors such as Design, UI/UX Design and Marketing. 

Will the internship be paid? 

As the majority of short-term internships in the creative industry, the internship will be unpaid. Please make sure to budget your experience accordingly. 

When is the internship and how long will it last? 

The internship will be from January 2020 for 3 to 6 months, based on your availability.  

When is the deadline to apply? 

July 31, 2019. If you do not have your recommendation letters ready by then, please email us here.

When will you announce who the 10 finalists are? 

August 5, 2019

When will you announce who got the selected by TBWA & McCANN? 

August 31,2019

What are the program expenses? ​

For your internship in Hong Kong, hare are all the costs & expenses you should budget: 

ArtBound Initiative Program Fee: US$2950

+ Hong Kong internship visa: US$550

+ Insurance: US$55 per month 

+ Housing: from US$1250 to US$1500 per month

+ Flights: US$600

+ Living Expenses (food, public transportation & entertainment): From $800

- $1500 ArtBound Initiative Scholarship 

What is included in the ArtBound Initiative program fee? 

Our program includes coaching, internship placement, travel support, and networking events. You can see a detailed breakdown of what our program fee includes here.  

When will I need to pay the program fee? 

If you have been selected for the internship at McCANN or TBWA, you will need to pay a 25% deposit of the program fee to confirm your participation and kickstart the process. 

What if I have more questions? 

Schedule a call with an advisor or email us here.



Intern Abroad
Intern Abroad



  1. Fill out the online application form.

  2. Connect for a Skype interview  

  3. We will announce if you are part of the 10 finalists 

  4. We will announce if TBWA or McCANN have selected you 


  • Resume/CV

  • Portfolio in PDF format or a link to online version (if in Design or UI/UX Design)

  • 2 letters of recommendation (if you do not have time to gather those letters, please contact us here)

  • Personal Essay
    A. Please describe any previous experience in or related to the creative industry and what you have gained. B. What are your career aspirations and how can this program help you achieve them? C. Describe your ideal internship placement and the skills you hope to develop.

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